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Inscite is a consulting company with global interests, perspective and experience. We've worked with small and large businesses, leading-edge researchers, top government officials, and multinational executives in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa. We have more than 40-years' experience in science, technology, the development of global business, and the management of multi-cultural business and technology partnerships.

New! Proposal Development and Support

  • We assist companies to win US government contracts.
  • We provide technical writing, volume lead, subject matter, project, program and capture management expertise.
  • We offer our 40 years of global, science, high-tech, business experience to our clients so that they may succeed.

Global Business and Technology Development

Building science- and technology-based business partnerships — our core business for over 30 years.

From IT-solutions and back-office-service providers in China to emerging technology leaders in Russia,

  • We provide access to
    • Leading-edge research and development teams;
    • Business-process service providers;
    • Growing markets around the world.
  • We assist companies to
    • Develop their high-tech outsourcing strategies;
    • Enhance their workforce;
    • Enter new markets.
  • We assist organizations and governments to
    • Create vibrant science-technology-business communities.

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David R. Giebink

Global Business and Technology Development

  • Access leading-edge R&D around the world
  • Enhance your workforce and enter new markets
  • Build vibrant science-technology-business communities

Proposal Development
and Support

  • Technical writing
  • Volume Lead
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Capture Management

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you want to go,

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Inscite will
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